The War.

This is the post excerpt.


As many of you may know, there is a current war going on between myself, Sam, and Noah. It is unknown exactly who is on what side of the war, named the ‘Allies’ side (Sam & Noah) and the ‘Fujoshi’ side. (No, Noah, we are not the Axis, this is not WW2, and I’m not Hitler) This war was started over a dispute on how good the pairing of Sam and Noah is. (Personally, I think it’s an amazing ship, and have no regrets whatsoever) If you would like to declare your allegiance with either side, feel free to make a wordpress account, and comment if you are on the ‘Allies’ or ‘Fujoshis’. (By the way, Fujoshi is a term used by anime fans to describe an anime fan, generally with feminine attributes who is obsessed with anime guys liking anime guys) If you can’t be arced to do that, click here to vote on a poll so we can all see who has more ‘Ship Soldiers’. I know for a fact that the ‘Allies’ have more soldiers, but I want to know on what ratio.

Here are some yaoi pics to either piss you off, or make you want to join the ‘Fujoshis’.


Now, that’s it for the first post on the ‘Totally official’ Dalmeny PS Gossip page.


4 thoughts on “The War.”

  1. THE WAR

    This war is not WW2. But the allies have a really good chance of winning the battle. As a leader of the 23 rebels I have to say you put up a good fight but let’s see who win

    By the way u are a cerysian

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